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Dennis Meyer

– your source for Predator for over 3 decades

Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Dennis has been providing Predator Camo across this great country for 35 years. He and his wife Cheryl reside in Lethbridge, Alberta, when they’re not out in the bush or traveling through new areas to discover. Dennis and Cheryl have a love for yellow Labradors, and currently have 2 fur-kids – Grandy and new pup, Drake!


Way back in the late ’80s a young man from Ohio sat down and drew up an open field pattern of camouflage. There were very few choices back then and even fewer, if any, that fit all situations. His name is Marc Barger. After creating his pattern in four colours, he sent some garments up to me via an outdoor photographer that was in Canada on a moose/goose combo hunt. Everyone that saw this new open concept pattern was more than impressed and Predator Camo took off like a grass fire! In 1987/88 I started selling Predator Camo here in Canada through mail order, as well as sport-shops and sport shows here in the west.

After 35 years Predator Camo is still here providing five different colours: Fall Grey, Spring Green, Brown Deception, 3D Deception, and Green Deception. We have 17 different garments with 11 different accessories to choose from. Not many companies can make that claim. Who knew that an idea for a ‘put and take’ open pattern created by an average guy would change the camo industry forever!

I am the lucky one, as I talk to avid sportsmen and sportswomen from coast to coast daily. Over the last 30 plus years I’ve had the good fortune to meet many people and hear every outdoor story imaginable. It’s been a great ride and with any luck in these damn Covid times, we will carry on providing the best pattern and service possible.

Be safe and Respect our Outdoors!
Dennis Meyer

Nikki Featherstone

Website & Facebook Admin, Nikki is Dennis’ daughter and all-around computer guru. Dennis doesn’t *do* computers, which is where Nikki comes in ~ a good thing, or you wouldn’t be reading this! 😉

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